Dan Forlano

Daniel Forlano founded his tax practice in 1995. Daniel has much experience working with individuals as well as small- to mid-sized companies in various industries. His specialty is small business start-ups. The services he provides expand beyond just tax preparation — Daniel believes that helping clients achieve financial freedom/success is the most important aspect of his work. Daniel attributes constant communication as the foundation for assisting his clients succeed. He is always looking for ways to improve and motivate others.

Daniel is someone you can trust to look out for your best interest. When clients contact him with issues or concerns, they know he will use every resource available to help them find a solution. Daniel’s vast experience in forensic accounting has benefited a number of clients who find themselves in trouble with Federal and State tax issues. He has assisted clients (both individual and corporate) who had not filed tax returns in many years; he helped these clients achieve compliance as well as being paid in full within two years of his completing their returns. Outside of his professional endeavors, being a husband, father of two sons, and avid runner keeps him very busy! To contact Daniel, please email him at dan@dftaxprep.com

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